The right idea changes everything.

Good ideas are inspirational. The right idea, however, can be nothing short of transformative. It takes a unique alchemy of insight, foresight, experience and talent to uncover one—and savvy business sense to seize upon it. At Ever, we specialize in delivering the right ideas. And we work with the caliber of clients who recognize them.

Regenerative farming in Rural America

Rebrand, E-commerce, Regenerative

Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op

Grass Roots sells the highest-quality regeneratively farmed meat online while paying small-scale farmers a fair wage. It’s delicious all the way around.

Brand Development, Longevity Science

Health Nucleus/HLI

Health Nucleus is on a mission to change the healthcare system by providing radically proactive healthcare.


Dr. Mona Ezzat Velinov, MD, ABFM, ABHIM, IFMCP practices Fucntional Medicine

Brand Development, Functional Medicine

Dr. Mona Ezzat Velinov, MD, ABFM, ABHIM, IFMCP

There are doctors and then there are healers. Dr. Mona practices functional medicine, an emerging field that marries the best thinking in medicine, nutrition, genetics, and more with a humanistic “get to know you” approach to create the most personalized path to health for every patient. She’s also hip as hell and has a killer shoe collection.

Field Middle School boy outdoor recreation

Logo, Education

Field Middle School

Field is a progressive, independent middle school designed for the unique academic, development, and social/emotional needs of boys during their middle school years. It's irresistible.

Custom glass design for Long Meadow Ranch


Long Meadow Ranch and Winery

“Excellence through Responsible Farming”= producing world-class wine and food through diversified, sustainable, and organic farming methods.

Interior design for Bluxome Street Winery

Brand Development, Hospitality

Bluxome Street Winery

Between the gold rush and Prohibition, SF was a bustling, raucous city packed to the gills with winemakers and winos. Bluxome revived this tradition.

Anthill Farms Wines

Brand development, Wine

Anthill Farms Wines

Web, Dave, and Anthony employ farming practices with minimal ecological impact and judiciously handle fruit from harvest to bottle. Bucking convention, they continue to garner accolades from critics and consumers alike.




A.G. Ferrari reached out to us to refresh their brand to reflect their vision of offer­ing the very best food from both Italy and Cal­i­for­nia. We gave them a dis­tinct, clean look, gor­geous mod­ern pho­tog­ra­phy and a tagline, ​“Tra­di­tion meets imag­i­na­tion.”

Good2Go automated access to restrooms and dressing rooms.

Brand development, Technology


Good2Go=automated access made easy with a simple QR code. Businesses benefit from happier customers and more efficient employees by automating access to restrooms, dressing rooms, and other customer touchpoints via a smartphone.

Various labels and brand development for wineries in Napa Valley, Sonoma and Healdsburg, CA

Brand Development, Label Design

An Assortment of Wine Works

Various labels and brand development for wineries in Napa Valley, Sonoma and Healdsburg, CA